Granite is becoming a popular choice when it comes to home improvement and remodeling projects. This is natural substance,Granite Countertops and Tile: The Pros and Cons of This Popular Stone Articles which is often considered a bit more durable than other products created synthetically for the home. This particular substance is actually a type of rock that is considered to be igneous.

There are many different elements that are part of granite. First, you have the element of mica. There is actually just small amounts of this element contained in this particular substance. You can also find feldspar and quartz in this particular type of rock. The two most common types of home improvement and repair products available to home owners are granite Tile and granite Countertops. Here, you will learn more about these products.

What is Granite Tile Widely Used For?

There are many popular uses when it comes to granite tile. One of the most obvious uses is that in which an individual places it on the floors of their home. However, many individuals elect to place these tile pieces in and around the home in a more decorative manner. A good example is when one decides to integrate a fireplace in the home. Many may decide to use this style of tile around the front facing of the fireplace, as well as in front of the fireplace on the floor. There are many who choose to use this type of tile on the countertops in the kitchen and in the bathroom. This can really spruce up the appearance of a standard room. Many have even added tile created from granite around swimming pools and around Jacuzzis.

The Benefits of Using Granite for Tile and Countertops

There are many different benefits of using tile that is composed of granite for tile and countertops. One of the main advantages, we have already mentioned, and that is the overall durability of the product. The next advantage is, unlike other types of products used for coverings of countertops and similar areas; this product is resistant to scratches. Many, who choose to implement the use of a sealant on this type of product, have found that the granite actually experiences very little complication when it comes to stains. If you elect to granite tile in your home, you will find that it has a natural resistance to heat.

Disadvantages to Using Granite for Countertops and Tile

Now, as you can see, there are a number of advantages to using granite in the home. However, there are a couple of disadvantages that you should also be aware of prior to implementing this type of product in your home. First, the material that is required to create home pieces such as countertops is relatively expensive. This means not all people will be able to budget this type of material. In addition to this, the material is very heavy. This means that if it will be used on counters, the shelving and vanities that support it will need to be able to withstand the material. If they cannot do this, then granite suppliers it will become necessary to replace these items with products that can withstand more weight overall.


Granite tile and granite countertops may be a consideration if you are looking to remodel your home. There are a number of advantages to using this type of material which we have covered above. However, you should also consider the possible disadvantages as well when making your decision. If you want to make a change that will bring a whole new look and feel to your home, and significantly add more resale value to your home, granite tile may be right for your next renovation project.


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